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Radiate Retreat was designed for women on their healing journey to have a space to learn heal, connect + transform. It's a place of freedom, where you will be able to discover your inner-self and radiate from the inside out! At Radiate Retreat, you will be able to practice a variety of different healing modalities with world-class healers and light workers from all over the world.

Join the sisterhood on a 6-day transformational experience in Tulum.
Chelsea founded Radiate Retreat after spending a year researching the most powerful healing modalitites to battle her own depression and anxiety.

When I offered my first Radiate Retreat experience, I sat back in awe and wonder. Witnessing women heal from years worth of trauma and form life-long bonds, has completely changed my life. I have found my soul's purpose and I can hardly wait to introduce you to what may be the most important week of your life to date!


Chelsea founded Radiate Retreat out of her passion for leading women + her love for travel. She began her healing journey in 2019 after experiencing extreme depression, anxiety, and panic attacks during Covid. She moved to Tulum for a month with her cat in search of healing modalities for herself. She experienced such transformation there and felt called to share these healing experiences with other women. It is her mission + passion to help other women heal from trauma, anxiety + depression through the magic of Tulum, the professional healers she worked with there, and the healing modalities that have changed her life. 

  • Is this for women of all religions? What if I'm a specific religion or not spiritual?
    Radiate Retreat is for everyone, regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs. The experience. is curated in a way that you can make it what you need it to be for you! You will get to experience a variety of different healing modalities including ones that are ancient Mayan traditions.
  • How does COVID testing work in and out of Mexico?
    As of October 2022, it is not required to be vaccinated or have proof of a negative covid test to enter Mexico.​
  • What is the return policy?
    Deposit 1 is NONREFUNDABLE as it is used to book your space at our wellness center. Deposit 2 is refundable up to 1 week before the retreat.
  • Do you need to be of certain physical ability to join?
    All body types and levels of fitness have attended Radiate Retreat, and continue to be welcome. If you wish to push yourself in morning yoga and focus on the fitness offerings, you're welcome to do that! If you desire deep rest and to sleep in until breakfast then we encourage you to do that. Whatever nourishes your mind and body the most, we are here to support you in the retreat container.
  • Is airport transfer included in the price?
    YES! We will have private transportation the entire week. We have an amazing driver named Dani whom we love working with. Please make note of the requested arrival and departure times at CUN airport.​
  • Are payment plans available?
    YES! We do offer payment plans and are willing to work around your needs. A non-refundable deposit of $500 USD is required to reserve your space.
  • What’s included in the package?
    5 night 6 day stay at Holistika wellness center Private transportation All lunch and dinners including private beachfront meals, dinner in the jungle, lunch with our private chef, and more Yoga Visit to private underground cave cenotes Private Reiki healing ceremony in ancient Mayan waters Temazcal ceremony (Mexican sweat lodge) on the beach followed by a starry night swim in the ocean Beach day with brunch Healing sound bath Sacred Cacao Ceremony Breathwork + body movement session Empowerment photoshoot with professional photographer Private luxury spa experience at Mayan Clay Bathhouse in the jungle Personalized Radiate Retreat gifts + products
  • Who will I be rooming with?
    All applicants are carefully screened to ensure they’re aligned for this experience. You can trust that your roommate shares your values, is coming with an open heart, and is on a journey of her own…just like you! Get ready to meet a soul sister you’ll cherish for life.
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