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Radiate Retreat was designed for women on their healing journey to have a space to learn heal, connect + transform. It's a place of freedom, where you will be able to discover your inner-self and radiate from the inside out! At Radiate Retreat, you will be able to practice a variety of different healing modalities with world-class healers and light workers from all over the world.

Join the sisterhood on a 6-day transformational experience in Tulum.


Chelsea founded Radiate Retreat after spending a year researching the most powerful healing modalitites to battle her own depression and anxiety.

When I offered my first Radiate Retreat experience, I sat back in awe and wonder. Witnessing women heal from years worth of trauma and form life-long bonds, has completely changed my life. I have found my soul's purpose and I can hardly wait to introduce you to what may be the most important week of your life to date!


Chelsea founded Radiate Retreat out of her passion for leading women + her love for travel. She began her healing journey in 2019 after experiencing extreme depression, anxiety, and panic attacks during Covid. She moved to Tulum for a month with her cat in search of healing modalities for herself. She experienced such transformation there and felt called to share these healing experiences with other women. It is her mission + passion to help other women heal from trauma, anxiety + depression through the magic of Tulum, the professional healers she worked with there, and the healing modalities that have changed her life. 

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